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About Us

Here at Vivid Care, we believe in a client-centered approach to caregiving. Our story dates back to 2005 when we established our core principles and values of integrity, compassion and adopting an attentive nature. Our managing director, David Esan, maintains a passion and commitment to changing how agencies care for their clients. With his personal experiences of poor care quality, David decided to challenge flaws he identified in the care system and offer intuitive and dynamic solutions.


Our Leadership

Our company director, David Esan, possesses a genuine passion for staff development and inclusivity. Given his wealth of experience in the technology sector leading transformative programmes, David maintains extensive experience leading a team, inspiring people, and offering steadfast support. At Vivid Care, we believe that a cared for, supported, and educated workforce will deliver an exemplary service.


Our Values

Vivid Care Services is built on our core values of integrity, compassion and ensuring an attentive nature, which we refer to as ICAN. We encourage our team to hold these values close and ensure they deliver them in every aspect of their duty. Our core focus is ensuring clients and service users remain at the core of our business, and we ensure outstanding service through high-level training and excellent care delivery. We want to empower our service users, ensuring they make informed choices about the care they want and receive.

Our Services

Vivid Care Services supplies a range of high-quality, highly trained healthcare staff to nursing homes, children’s services, GP surgeries, dental assistants, elderly dementia, mental health care and domiciliary care services across the North-West, with a real focus on providing person-centred care.

Meet The Team


David Esan



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Katarzyna Harasim

Executive Administrator

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We operate and offer our services across the following locations:

COVID-19 Policy

Vivid Care understands and empathises with the pressure on the NHS, and as a result, we ensure constant awareness and adherence to changing COVID related policies. We are also launching an Employee Mental Health Support Service, which will recognise signs of stress and anxiety, both in employees professional and personal lives. This initiative will remain in place even when the pandemic passes; we want to ensure all our team here at Vivid Care feel valued and comfortable.

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