Caring For Someone With Dementia At Home

Caregiver helping dementia patient out of bed

Is it possible to care for someone with dementia at home?

Providing in-home care for someone with dementia can be challenging yet satisfying. One of the advantages of caring for people with dementia is that they can enjoy an independent lifestyle, especially in the early phase of the illness.

Over 75% of persons with dementia wish to continue residing at home. However, caring for these vulnerable adults will need assistance and care with everyday activities. At Vivid Care, our professional team of caregivers is committed to offering the necessary help and support so your loved ones can stay happy, active, secure and well cared for.

When contemplating care plans, a lot of people consider nursing facilities for their aging loved ones. However, it can be very sad for them when they think about leaving the comforts of their homes, familiar environments, friends and relatives, pets and more.

In this article, we will explore the possibility of caring for someone with dementia at home and why it is highly beneficial for them.

What is dementia home care?

Home care is health care or supportive care offered by a highly qualified caregiver in the place of residence where the patient or client resides. This differs from facilities like nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

At Vivid Care, we are confident that the best care solution for dementia is home care. Our personalised dementia care plan offers tailored, individualised care for your aging loved one that is fully designed to meet their unique needs.

When compared to a retirement home or nursing facility, there are numerous benefits. This includes emotional and psychosocial well-being, improved health and safety, affordability, independence and slow disease progression. Let’s go over a few benefits of caring for those with dementia at home:

What are the benefits of caring for someone with dementia at home?

Here’s why in-home dementia care is the best option for your ageing loved ones:

Lower hospital admissions due to safer surroundings

An advantage of caring for those with dementia at home is that it is generally safer than a nursing facility. According to research, in-home dementia care reduces falls for those with dementia—by 30%, which lowers their risk of severe injury and hospitalisation.

As people get older, there is a high likelihood of falls, but our professional and committed team carefully cares for dementia patients at home, providing round-the-clock help with movements to guarantee safety and well-being.

Improved memory retention

If your loved one is living with dementia, then you should know that in-home care offers a wide array of benefits. As they are in familiar surroundings, it lowers anxiety and disorientation. This is because the patient continues in a familiar living schedule. Furthermore, their familiarity with the environment and living arrangements induces comfort and relaxation.

Familial experiences can also boost the dementia patient’s memory and cognition, minimising impaired memory and miscommunication. In the early phases of dementia, staying around your close relatives, loved ones, keepsakes, pictures, pets, and the like can be very therapeutic.

Maintaining your routine and independence.

A consistent routine significantly lowers anxiety in people with dementia –which is the focus of dementia home care. In fact, familiarity can improve the condition of dementia patients.

People with dementia are less likely to be restless if they have a predictable routine. This is just one of many benefits of dementia home care.

The opportunity to enjoy a reasonable degree of independence that may not be available in a nursing facility is perhaps one of the major benefits of home care for people with dementia. You can continue to live in your own home, surrounded by your loved ones and things you cherish, follow your preferred routine, and much more.

The companionship between family members and caregivers

Our caregivers offer more than just a compassionate helping hand when it comes to grooming, daily assistance, and housework. We are genuinely kind people who offer heartwarming companionship. We are always ready to assist — at any moment you need us — both emotionally and physically.

Another major benefit of caring for someone with dementia at home is being able to reside with family members and dear ones. With domiciliary care, you can spend time at home with your closest family and friends while our caregivers take care of you.

Why choose Vivid Care’s dementias in-home care?

Our dementia care service is truly amazing and top-notch. Here are the reasons why people choose us as their professional caregivers:

  1. Beneficial activities slow the progression of symptoms.
  2. An affordable care plan.
  3. Personalised care that meets your unique needs.
  4. Flexible round-the-clock support.
  5. Assistance in maintaining a consistent daily routine.
  6. Tailored and relationship-based care.
  7. Meal preparation and housework.
  8. Support to maintain independence.
  9. Nutrition and fluid intake

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Caring for dementia patients at home has numerous benefits, including enjoying a healthier and more productive life. Our dementia care service is rooted in enriching lives – this is our goal and what we have achieved for our clients for years.

Studies have shown that home care is the ideal option for those with dementia.
If you need quality dementia care in the familiarity, convenience and safety of your home, get in touch with us today.