How Does Domiciliary Care Work

domiciliary caregiver having a conversation with client

Domiciliary care is an array of services designed to provide professional support services in someone’s place of residence or home. It is ideal for anyone who needs extra help with daily domestic tasks, personal grooming or activities that lets them remain independent while improving their quality of life.

Our domiciliary service is fully tailored to your unique needs and schedule. For this reason, we are the leading provider of home care services in the UK.

Domiciliary care (often called care at home) is a popular choice among families because it offers them control and flexibility in terms of the assistance they get. Our care plans fully revolve around you with personalised attention, from an hour weekly to multiple times daily or nightly support. You have the option of having a live-in caregiver with you for round-the-clock care.

Vivid Care is regarded as one of the UK’s top-quality domiciliary care professionals. Completely local near you, we offer home care services in Manchester, Salford, Burnley, Liverpool, Warrington, Runcorn and Trafford. Our caregivers are certified and follow standards of practice, ensuring your loved ones enjoy specialist care and support from beginning to end.

Domiciliary care

Domiciliary care makes it easy for you or your loved ones to receive care in the most familiar environment – at home. A lot of people find it challenging to cope and undertake routines or tasks in areas they aren’t comfortable in. This is why domiciliary care is super-valuable.

You can set up daily home visits from a suitably trained caregiver for thirty minutes to a number of hours daily to support and assist you with an array of daily tasks, like:

● Personal grooming

● Continence care

● Managing and administering medication

● Assistance in moving within and around the house.

● Light household chores and preparing meals.

● Medical care, like PEG feeding and administration of bowel stomas and urinary catheters.

Similar to live-in care, domiciliary care provides a crucial source of companionship. Interacting with a friendly and familiar face daily, or a handful of times weekly offers comfort, a deep sense of safety and rapport – with regards to geriatric care, this kind of care also improves emotional and mental wellness, as a caregiver will always be available to deliver companionship when necessary.

Caregivers are specialists in providing emotional support, motivation and encouragement alongside other important elements of care.

Who is domiciliary care for?

Domiciliary care is essential for those who wish to remain at home while getting the care service they wish. This kind of care is highly suitable for people of different ages. It covers rehabilitative services, convalescence and recovery, among several other areas.

Our highly qualified caregivers can deliver healthcare support like PEG feeding, medicine management, catheterisation, etc. Our compassionate caregivers are supervised by a patient care nurse who will design a personalised care plan based on your unique needs. This will simplify the process of getting care in your place of residence.

To make sure that we can deliver care tailored to your needs, whether it be dementia care, palliative care or even elderly care, we regularly interact with health care staff and physiotherapists as needed.

How domiciliary care works with Vivid Care

You will enjoy personalised care services suited to your needs. A dedicated caregiver from Vivid care will attend to you. They will assist you and your loved ones in meeting your unique needs and goals while helping you throughout your plan.

Our plans are flexible, distinctive, and built around your lifestyle – whether you follow a specific late night care regimen, routine medical procedure or an activity you like.

Our caregivers will always be available to support you or your loved ones, even during the period of your changing needs. We are very flexible in providing care. At Vivid Care, our primary focus is your needs.

Contact us to get all the details about our domiciliary care services and how we can assist you and your family.

Why is domiciliary care better than a care home or nursing home facility?

If you wish to remain in your place of residence but require extra additional support with personal grooming, household chores, medicine administration or other related activities to achieve that goal, domiciliary care is ideal for you.

Many families have realised that even though care facilities and nursing homes are secure and offer the necessities important to their loved ones, the convenience, ease and familiarity of residing at home is usually missing in those places. This is the upside of domiciliary care.

An important perk of domiciliary care is that it offers a better quality of support without compromising on the independence of your loved ones.

Our care plans are flexible, distinctive and tailored to meet your routine and circumstances, ensuring little to no interruption to your daily schedule.