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Child Care

Disabled chld with caregiver

We Offer Exceptional Home-Based Child Care Services

At Vivid Care, we provide personalised child care services for your sick child or child with a disability at home. We understand that parents need help to take care of a sick child, especially working parents. Our experienced and professional caregivers fill in the gaps and provide the best home care for your child. We prioritise your needs and specifications as well as the well-being of the child.

Our approach to child care is to lead with compassion and understanding that every child deserves attentive care. Our promise is to give every parent peace of mind because they trust their child is in good hands. We monitor your child closely and take note of every change. Our caregivers also come equipped to deal with any emergency situations. 

Our caregivers ensure to provide a calm and positive environment to support your child’s healing process. We also provide emotional and companionship support for your child, to help them understand their condition and reassure them when they need it. We also take care of their personal needs.

At Vivid Care, we take care to match you with a caregiver that suits your tastes and preferences. We deliver relationship-based care and build trust by listening to your child. We maintain open communication with your primary healthcare providers to make sure we are delivering the best care for your child.

Benefits of Our Child Care Home Service

At Vivid Care, our goal is to help your child along their healing journey and manage any symptoms. We provide specialised care for your sick child and support your child with disabilities. We aim to provide your child with the best home care and leave you with peace of mind.  

Some of the benefits of choosing us are;

  • Personalised home care 
  • Prioritisation of your child’s needs
  • Track and record symptoms
  • Companionship
  • Monitor of food and fluid intake 
  • Medicine administration
  • Engage in age-appropriate activities with your child 
  • Round-the-clock updates on the child’s well-being
  • Full-time supervision 


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