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Dementia Care


We Provide Dementia Home Care Services

We provide professional dementia care at home to support you and your loved one after a dementia diagnosis. Living with dementia demands a fundamental lifestyle change for not only the patient but also the family. We understand the psychological, social and daily challenges associated with living with dementia. Taking care of a dementia patient is tasking and the family may be ill-equipped to carry out needed care.

As the condition deteriorates, the world for people with dementia gets smaller. At this stage, it can be tough to maintain a life outside the house or maintain the connections they once shared. These challenges can result in loneliness and emotional exhaustion, for patients and families.

At Vivid Care Services, we take care to deliver a range of personalised, compassionate yet professional dementia care services right at home. We prioritise home care because this is an environment the patient feels most comfortable and safe. Our goal is to provide the best support and comfort care to enhance the patient’s quality of life.

Dementia Care at Home

Dementia may cause agitation, confusion and other behavioural changes. It may also gradually lead to a loss of independence making the patient unable to carry out daily tasks around the house. Specialised care is important because it prioritises the patient’s unique situation and needs. Dementia care at home can be comforting and reassuring to the patient because of the sense of familiarity they feel while at home. 

Our care specialists are well-equipped to support you or your loved ones to feel more independent in your daily lives. At Vivid Care Services, we coordinate with our clients and their family members to create a customised care plan to support them and help ease the distress they feel.

Benefits of Dementia Home Care

We take a very professional and compassionate approach to delivering our home care services here at Vivid Care Services. We lead with empathy for our clients and their families and provide the best personalised care and support we can. 

At Vivid Care Services, our professional caregivers offer emotional, behavioural, social, and psychological support for you or your loved one right at home. We also offer other services that include;

  • Customised care
  • Relationship-based care
  • Companionship
  • Meal preparation and housework
  • Monitoring nutrition and fluid intake
  • Maintaining a healthy daily routine
  • Medication tracking
  • Help to maintain independence
  • Expert assistance 24/7
  • Enhanced quality of life 
  • Family support and education



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