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Learning Disabilities Support

learning disabilities support at home

Learning Disabilities Home Support Services

At Vivid Care, we offer exceptional care and support for persons with learning disabilities, at home. Our highly trained caregivers deliver personalised care for you or your loved one with a learning disability right at home. 

Our caregiving approach is founded on respect, professionalism, compassion, and dignity. We offer learning disabilities support to persons of all ages and dependency levels. Our goal at Vivid Care is to improve the overall quality of life of our clients by delivering top-of-the-line care. 

We liaise with your primary caregivers and craft a truly customised care plan that prioritises your needs. We also provide guidance and support for family members who may feel overwhelmed caring for persons with learning disabilities. With our care service, you get round-the-clock attentive care and support for your loved ones with learning disabilities.

We favour home care for learning disabilities because we want our clients to feel most comfortable and literally, at home. We understand that being surrounded by fond and loving memories and family is essential to care and well-being.

Check out our extensive learning disability support services and craft a customised care plan specifically for you or your loved ones today.

Learning Disabilities Support At Home

Everyone is different and we truly embody that in our care service. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach to delivering support to our clients. We focus on each individual’s needs, child or adult, and match you to a caregiver best suited for those needs. 

We understand that learning disabilities affect all areas of life, not just education. It can affect an individual’s social and daily life. Our team of caregivers are highly trained to lead with compassion and attentiveness while effectively managing the effects of any disability.

Even though learning disabilities cannot be cured, the symptoms and difficulties can be managed. With Vivid Care, you are assured the best support for you or your loved ones to live a full and fulfilling life.


Benefits of Our Learning Disabilities Home Support Services

  • Personalised care plans and regimen
  • Support with daily tasks
  • Companionship
  • Help to stay connected socially 
  • Support with communication and interactions

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